Monday, 25 July 2016

Brad Smith is a clever target for AFCB to go for

Having already enticed Jordan Ibe away from Liverpool over the summer it is slightly unexpected to see AFCB go back in again to try and lure Brad Smith away from the Merseysiders as well. These are young players that have evolved in one of the best academies in the country and having had first team action with Liverpool, Brad Smith will have played with far more pressure on his back than he would if he comes to play down at Dean Court and that just could be a big bonus for him that could help him to flourish.

AFCB fans may want experienced stars that have already made their name but Eddie Howe may well yet go to try and sign Jonny Evans from WBA to make the defence a more experienced unit. By signing Brad Smith though, he has again looked at the future potential that this Australian international player who had admirers at Liverpool in good number, even if the fee £6m knocked some back a little. The point is that AFCB do not have strength in depth and that was clearly shown last season when a crop of injuries showed how they were down to the bare bones. Eddie wants quality two deep for every position and Smith can play on the left side of midfield as well as left back and I'd expect he'd also consider being a centre-back.
Brad Smith No 44, with Lucas after the match at Dean Court last season.
Would Brad Smith be a player that I'd automatically have in my mind for AFCB to sign? Probably not, but he has the age profile, the Liverpool FC football education and the opportunity now to prove himself at a club that is also growing. I wonder if Eddie has been speaking to Sean O'Driscoll who has been Liverpool's past assistant manager as recently as 2015, and if he has passed on some guidance about Brad Smith. Of course AFCB have also seen Brad play against them in the cups and he made his Premier League debut against AFCB last April. 

It is a good match and I'd rather AFCB get players in that are looking to improve themselves than a host of players that have their best years behind them and nothing to prove. We'll see how good the Slatan Ibramovic's are soon enough when Man Utd turn up, AFCB's need though is for defenders that want to learn fast and improve on the number of clean sheets the team had last season. The young Liverpool players showed how good they were when they played against AFCB in the league last season - Brad Smith was certainly one who impressed.

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  1. Well at least he is not another winger.....not quite sure where this leaves Mings when he is fit...I thought he was a left now we have four left backs and no cover for Smith at right back..assuming Francis is now a centre half....if Mings is a centre half how many more do we need....seems to me we need another goalkeeper......are any of the youth team ready for a step up...Butcher/Lee maybe

  2. Eunan O'Kane looks like he is being converted into a right back - played very well there against Pompey.

  3. Playing in a friendly against Pompey is one thing..playing against Man Utd is another....does anyone know when Smith will be fit for the season opening....and the same with Cook....

    Criticsm for the manager..heaping expectations on Ibe to turn him into an England international is ridiculous...what does it say about other potential England hopefuls..Wilson,Daniels,Francis .....its settingbhim up to fail...he could be another Iturbe....

    Will be at Reading on FRiday...what team will turn out