Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Will Jordan Ibe signing raise expectations at AFCB?

I certainly hope that expectations do start to rise at AFCB with some of the quality that is being added to the squad but it is important to remember that many of these new players like Jordan Ibe are only just making their way in the professional game and they have their own worries just like us. It therefore can't be a surprise that Jordan Ibe questioned whether it would be the right thing for him to join a club with a smaller fan base and less illustrious history than a club like Liverpool and even Newcastle if rumours are to be believed. Yet, the Liverpool Echo is clear that Ibe had made his decision - it's the Cherries for him next season.

Jordan Ibe will have taken a lot of convincing to agree personal terms at AFCB. He will already have been n a good package at Liverpool and now he will be AFCB highest ever signing and with that will go a good deal of expectation from those looking on. The need for Liverpool to include a buy-back clause and sell on clause if the player wants to move again is not something such a top club does with every player they move on. The potential that Liverpool see in Jordan Ibe has been difficult for them to part with but it gives them funds to try and buy players that are already putting on more consistent performances - something they need if they are to mount a top four challenge.
WBA feel the force of Jordan Ibe's talent. We are Liverpool Video.

What can AFCB fans expect though from Jordan Ibe. He score a sensational solo goal against WBA on the last day of the season and yet found it hard to win a regular place in Jurgen Klopp's side despite Raheem Sterling moving on to Man City. Now he has a fresh start and will be playing for a team that aspires to be the odds. It will be a different kind of pressure for him and he will hopefully warm to the fans and the team. I'm not sure about if he will fly out to join the team in the USA but I'd expect Eddie Howe would want to get working with him as soon as possible.

Jordan Ibe is a player that will excite and if that brings more respect for AFCB and more fear for opposition teams it will only help AFCB grow at this level.

Sky Sports is reporting that Jordan Ibe will have his medical on Wednesday.

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