Saturday, 16 July 2016

Part-time Howe role: good for FA but not for Cherries

The Daily Mail has been suggesting that Eddie Howe is set for formal talks with the FA probably on his return from the USA as FA officials seek AFC Bournemouth's permission to talk to the manager. While Eddie Howe has not said anything publicly on the matter of late it is perhaps helpful for Eddie to speak to Dan Ashworth, David Gill and Martin Glenn to get his opinions over and to clear the air from all the media speculation.

Eddie Howe has said in the past that he thinks it would be a great honour to manager your country but he is being considered against far more experienced managers and it has been suggested that a part-time role might be offered to the 38-year-old. That would seem a great idea from the FA's point of view as they would have their top man and a successor lined up and learning on the job, but what would that mean for AFCB? A manager that had to share his time with giving advice and travelling away with the national team when he has to also be putting all his efforts into keeping his club side in the Premier League and dealing with player problems as and when they arise or delegating to others more than at present. It just does not look to appeal from AFCB's side to share a manager that they have invested in and given a full time job to.

All the current rumour and gossip about the England manager's appointment is not productive for AFCB and I am kind of pleased that Howe is out of the country in the USA. He has to concentrate on preseason and planning his approach to games with Jason Tindall and any thoughts and distractions about a potential role with the FA are going to make Eddie Howe think about his future and the direction he wants to go. Back in 2012-2013 it was a decision that he had almost made for him. He wanted to return to Bournemouth having been at Burnley and losing his mother. His path was clear and to get AFCB promoted represented a great challenge and seemed the right challenge to take on. Now that he has achieved a double-promotion and has kept the side in the Premier League for its debut season it is still a big job to help the club grow into a major force at this level.
Eddie Howe is likely to be sought out by FA officials on his return from the USA.
Howe is attempting to do that by bringing in young international players and that in a way is something that attracts the FA even more to him. There will be players that Eddie works with at AFCB that could potentially begin to challenge for places in the national side. Jason Tindall would also need to consider what he wants to do as Eddie's long-time number two.

The details in the nature of a part-time role would be key. Howe much time would need to be given and would that appease Eddie by staying at AFCB and still training players every day rather than being the England manager full-time and not having that on the training field connection with players that he has come to love? Whatever happens it is a proud moment when the FA come calling and fans should not forget that this only happens as other recognise the qualities in AFCB's manager. He is destined for greater things one day, but is now the right time for him, the FA or AFCB?

In other news
Alan Connell has decided to hang up his playing boots to continue coaching at AFCB

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