Monday, 12 March 2018

AFCB just didn't chase the game well

Eddie Howe was not so pleased with the last 10 minutes of the game against Spurs, but was impressed with team over the first 80 minutes. Eddie was not disappointed that AFCB chased the game but in the way that they chased it. It was just a bit sloppy and the goals that Spurs got were rather of Bournemouth's own making.
Eddie Howe leaves the pitch proud of his team despite the defeat. 
At 1-2 Bournemouth were well in the game and it could easily have gone to 2-2 in that last 10 minutes. Eddie says, the team showed "a bit of naivety in the way that we chased it, not in chasing it but in the way we chased it." He commented that his side just wanted to get back in the game and that we should not overreact to the way the last 10 minutes went. The third Spurs goal was a mistake by Lewis Cook that just caught him out with our players up field. Bournemouth were completely exposed with only Begovic left standing at the back. It wasn't going to end well.

The third goal prevented AFCB from really putting in a rallying finish, but Bournemouth were a lot close to beating Spurs than the score line would suggest. Howe was adamant that the front two in the first half and their physicality caused Spurs' backline problems. Having hit the bar and scored a good goal, Bournemouth were in a strong position. What they couldn't do is grab the all important second goal to give them some breathing space.

The game plan went well in getting on the front foot. It was a high tempo game that was confusing Spurs at times. But Bournemouth couldn't sustain that energy as effectively as they might have liked against a good passing team.

The home crowd should not go away disappointed with the performance. The Cherries played as well as supporters could have hoped against Spurs, but they were the better team and I think our fans can accept that knowing that AFCB's players did all they could to try and win the game.

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  1. 1. 3rd goal. You could equally blame Simon F for taking a short free kick at that late stage instead of getting the ball into the box.

    2. L Cook. Yes now best long passer in the team but has a Wiltshire like tendency to lose the ball in dangerous positions because he is not as good a dribbler as he thinks he is.

    3. Our ball control in midfield is so poor compared to most other teams.
    There is no one in midfield or up from with top rate instant full control of a hard hit pass out of defense. Put it another way non of the midfield or strikers are top class at controlling and holding the ball with their back to opponents goal.
    So we regularlyly lose possession in midfield.

    Not blaming anyone but the stark reality check question is ..would any of the current team get in another top ten PL team.

    Spurs mid field control, passing and combination in second half was top class almost up to Man City class.

    All things considered we are still punching above our weight. Bring on WBA