Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Everton and Arsenal will be rebuffed if they come for Howe

The Daily Mirror has been considering how well Eddie Howe has been performing this season and even though we are nine games away from crowning the title holders, there are already whispers that Arsenal and Everton are keen to pick a new manager this summer and you can guess who is a candidate for a potential top six club.
Everton and Arsenal might come calling but Howe is
still very much in great demand o the south coast.
Yes, Eddie Howe is a target at least in the national papers. But what can Eddie achieve further at AFCB? This week we have been told by the club that the new stadium is already being prepared by Staidmax and discussions are already under way with corporate sponsors and will soon be widened to priority points holders. The Cherries are about to redefine themselves or at least their ambitions as what is possible in the Premier League. If they club survives its third season in the Premier League and continues to attract players that are capable of taking points off of clubs such as Arsenal and Chelsea then it can't be too long before the club can look to mount a bigger charge on the Premier League table.

Eddie Howe has has stated that he will stay with the club as long as Maxim Demin stays with the club b and wants him to manage and so it is not a big surprise that Steve Cook said in the Daily Mirror's post that a top 10 finish is not a signal that it;s time for Howe to move on. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Bournemouth are intent on making progress and under Eddie Howe it is difficult to say that the club has done anything than make unprecedented progress since his return to the club in 2012.

The likes of Everton and Arsenal will choose managers that have more experience than Howe but they could soon find that Bournemouth are no longer targeting Premier League survival but something more besides that. The poor start to the 2017/18 season prevented Howe from maximising the potential of the squad he has been assembling but the fans can see that the spirit at the club is as vibrant as it was in League Two days. There is an association with Howe and AFCB that is family and I think the bond is mutually dependent. AFCB need Howe and Howe needs AFCB.

Where Eddie can take AFCB is now the next question. Is this provincial Dorset club capable of achieving yet greater things? Under Howe the fans have every right to believe "Together Anything is possible!"

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