Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Callum unlucky not to get his goal

When Callum Wilson netted a goal in the last 10 minutes against Spurs, I was already celebrating as the ball was on its way in. It seemed the same for the majority of fans around me, but I soon saw that the goal had been disallowed and our only thoughts were perhaps because of the initial header won by Steve Cook or that Nathan Aké jumping near Cook may have fouled. Instead I found it was disallowed for another reason.

Wilson used his hand to get an advantage but
on another day his goal could well have counted.
I had to wait to see the TV replay in the evening to work out what exactly had happened. There was nothing wrong with Callum's finish to me at first, which was quick and neat and the goal was well finished. It seems a shame for Callum that he has not got back on the score sheet when he has done everything right, but on play back he did put a hand on Sanchez to ensure he got the ball and the space to be able to bring the ball down and score. It was "soft" according to Eddie Howe that the goal was not given and these days it does appear that it is okay to pull a shirt or handle an opposing player if you are a defender, but an attacker is not allowed any contact with a defender if they are trying to score.

Eddie Howe said the big decisions went against us in this game, but I don't believe that Mike Dean was as much at fault as we'd like him to be. Spurs know what to do when they are ahead 2-1 in a game and the ball just wouldn't drop for AFCB in the areas where we needed second balls to be won to give our players a clean shot at goal.

Wilson didn't have many chances at all to score. When he did have his half chance in those last 10 minutes it is impressive that he was still alert enough to finish well. I had been wanting Wilson to be subbed for Defoe much earlier, as I though Wilson's body language was looking tired. The fact that Howe knows that if a chance is to fall for Wilson, he usually makes the keeper have to make a save did enough to keep Callum on the pitch.

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