Tuesday, 13 March 2018

AFCB's endeavour almost gave Spurs a fright

Bournemouth made a fantastic start to the game against Spurs. If it was the waving of the flags that brought the better atmosphere on, then I hope that the club makes them available for more games and not just the upcoming WBA match. The singing was certainly a few notches higher up on the volume control and the home crowd were willing AFCB to play faster and faster when they could see what affect it was having on Spurs.
AFCB gave it a good go against Spurs. 
It has been a long time since we have seen a Bournemouth start like that to a match at Dean Court, and it is clear that the players needed to feel that and to feel that the crowd were with them again. It was reminiscent of the games when AFCB were challenging for promotion from the Championship, and some of that raw energy is perhaps not always so easy to generate in the Premier League where the opposition is of a higher calibre and does even more to stop AFCB building up that tempo and waves of attacks.

But if Bournemouth can do it against Spurs, they should be abel to start games in a positive way against other sides as well. I think the crowd find it more enjoyable if they can get into the match and can see that there singing is bolstering the players' efforts as well. Spurs were clearly finding it difficult in that first half hour to impose themselves in the game. A goal start was great but a second goal would have been a massive problem for Spurs. Unfortunately, it didn't come but had AFCB even got to half time ahead it would have made a big difference to the way both teams approached the second half.

AFCB lost that momentum when Harry Kane limped off. It is strange that such a change didn't help AFCB more but Simon Francis was doing extremely well against Son Heung-min up to then and when Son moved more across the front line things became more complicated for AFCB's defence, as Danny Murphy's analysis showed on Match of the Day.

Had AFCB been up against a lesser side, I think the game would have been over by half time. AFCB need to play with high intensity to get at sides and when they play in this manner they are one of the best sides in the league. Whether Eddie Howe can find a way for them to keep a fast tempo up for longer or to keep play bubbling with such energy more frequently is what would make AFCB a better side. I think playing Spurs gave the Bournemouth more of an opportunity to try and knock the door down than it may against a side like WBA who they have next, because they really don't want to lose to any team below them in the league now.

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