Wednesday, 21 March 2018

It's important to have a free-kick specialist like Stanislas

I can't help but contrast the emotions between the last few minutes of the WBA game and the away game for AFCB at Leicester City. Rhiyd Mahrez absolutely shattered AFCB hearts up at teh King Power with his free kick and even when Bournemouth's free kick went in against WBA in those final minutes, it wasn't until after the match that I wondered what would that have felt like to a WBA fan?
Junior Stanislas hits the spot.
Our jubilation would have been met with desperation on the Albion front and Pardew's reaction to the Junior Stanislas goal said it all really for their club. I suppose WBA can hardly be annoyed about what Stanislas did though, because they gave him the opportunity by making a foul on Josh King in an area where Bournemouth could benefit. It is weird how in those last few minutes of games, the players don't do the simple things to keep opposition teams from having hope. Bournemouth had made a similar mistake up at Leicester.

But Bournemouth would have been no better off had Junior Stanislas not have been practising his skill at getting the ball up and over the wall in training. I had wondered if he might drill the ball low and underneath the wall as WBA are such a big side. He could see enough of the goal though to find a spot that would make it difficult for Ben Foster to get across, and to hit the shot with so much precision was amazing in those final moments, knowing that it could be AFCB's last chance.

Stanislas celebration was probably among the biggest celebrated goals of Bournemouth's season because it  was a massive three points that put a different complexion on AFCB's season. To lose or draw with WBA would have been disappointing and would have left Howe's side wondering if they would need to scrap in April to get at least a couple of wins, but now AFCB are close to the finishing line and one good performance would probably be enough now.

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