Monday, 26 March 2018

Mings itching to get back playing

The club has revealed that Tyrone Mings is speeding up his recovery and is targeting the Liverpool away match in a few weeks time as a game where he could make the squad. That seems remarkable considering that Tyrone was not expected to play again this season and has not been on the training field yet with the other players. But it shows Tyrone's desire to play and to get himself in a position where he can contribute to the team.
Tyrone is on his way back.
I would like to see Tyrone get a full season of games and perhaps next season he will finally be lucky enough to go injury-free for 38 or more games. He was a record signing when he came to the club from Ipswich and as a defender he has the attributes to be a top player that could one day get international call ups, but I think next season he must break into the starting line up on a regular basis and perhaps force out some of the older players who should now be challenged for their positions.

Tyrone has in his short time on the field shown that he can keep players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his pocket. He is a tall player and I'm hoping that when he comes back he has also stocked up a bit more and will become a more powerful defender. Bournemouth don't have another player anything like Tyrone and I'd like to see him find his place in central defence as a leading ball player, as he can be the kind of player that will lead by example.
If Eddie decides that three at the back is a positive move for the team more often than not in the Premier League, then I would expect Tyrone to be a player that Eddie can't really ignore when fit. But it's games that Tyrone needs to show that he is ready to put a run of games together and progress himself as a Premier League player. I don't want to see him go out on loan as I think with Simon Francis and Charlie Daniels reaching their latter years, and Steve Cook and Nathan AkΓ© as the regular central defenders, the addition of Mings as back three would be something that Howe has probably wanted to see for some time.

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