Thursday, 28 March 2019

AFCB can see seventh place slipping away

The pace that Wolves and Watford are setting is perhaps too much for AFCB to catch now. The race for seventh place has been competitive but I kind of feel that AFCB have let their challenge for European football slip away over the last three or four months with some rather poor away form that is perhaps too hard to offset with the remaining fixtures.

Should we be disappointed at the Cherries' slide since those opening 10 games? I don't believe so. The point is the Cherries did have a good start and the players know what its like to be up and in the running at the top end of the league. Eddie Howe can use that experience in future seasons and the more the players gain experience, whether when they are at the top or bottom of the league it will remind the players that they can achieve what they want.
Where will AFCB finish this season?
The club has often referred to rising expectations. These can be good or they can be a drag on players when the going gets tough. But it is important to have some goals at the start and during the season for players to try and achieve. Whether a league spot of seventh was really in the mind of AFCB from day one I'm not so sure, but obviously the good start put it in everyone's mind that it could be possible.


The amount of goals that AFCB have conceded and the dearth of goals from central midfield, coupled to the poor away form have prevented AFCB from making a stronger challenge for the seventh spot. These are the areas where AFC have to improve, but at least they know they can get themselves into a position where they can challenge the top teams and that means it has not been a wasted season in my opinion, but a fairly positive one.

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