Sunday, 24 March 2019

Brooks sees yellow during win over Slovakia

Bournemouth players did their bit to help Wales overcome a stubborn Slovakia side who tested Ryan Giggs' Welsh team all the way. In the end it was just a first half goal that decided the game and Brooks had a part in the goal even though he won't be that proud of his part in it.
David Brooks and Chris Mepham are starting games for Wales.
Brooks played up front along with Dan James and Gareth Bale. The moment that led to the Welsh goal was a tad disappointing for Brooks as he ran well up the right side before cutting in and looking to find a team-mate in the centre, but his pass went straight to a Solvakian defender. That should have been the move over, but Dan James pounced on the defender and drive a shot quickly past the keeper's right hand to give Wales the lead.

David Brooks lasted until the 60th minute when he went down knowing he would be subbed. But having sat on the ball and deciding to sit on the turf looking to the touchline, the referee booked Brooks for slowing the game and not walking straight off. There is perhaps still some things for David to learn at the top level as he looked a bit bewildered in getting carded.
Team-mate, Chris Mepham had a less controversial game and Wales rarely looked like they would concede, even if Slovakia had their moments when they controlled possession and put Wales under some late pressure. It will be another clean sheet for Mepham and he'll be pleased to let Eddie Howe know that he did his job well. 

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