Saturday, 23 March 2019

Dubai should quicken recovery of Francis and Cook

The heat of Dubai could not only provide AFCB's players with some sense of well-being just from the warm conditions, it is likely to help the injury recovery of Lewis Cook and Simon Francis in particular. These players have been around the team even when they don't play, but there is nothing like boosting their own determination to get back to being fit when they can be laughing and joking with the team in an environment designed to get the very best out of players.
Lewis Cook and Simon Francis will be trying to be ready for
AFCB a month  or two into next season.
Just watching the other players do their training will get Francis and Cook more anxious to speed their own recovery. They can feel much more a part of the team if they do their work and at the end of the day can talk to the other players about how training went, and relax simply to talk about how their day went.

No doubt the facilities out in Dubai are also five stars and the best doctors the country has to offer will be available to the players needing rehab. We have seen Tyrone Mings and Callum Wilson make the use of this in the past and it's clearly a location that AFCB have become rather attached to in recent seasons.

Getting away from the last few games is also probably not a bad thing. The season is a short one now with players knowing they just have seven matches to the break. The minds could well be wondering already about the summer break and AFCB still have some work to do, so hopefully the nice weather and new surroundings put smiles on faces. It would certainly be good to come back from the trip and hear that Junior Stanislas, Andrew Surman, Dan Gosling and Adam Smith are back in contention to play.

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