Thursday, 30 July 2020

It's hard to know what AFCB season ticket holders will be signing up to

There was no big fanfare, but the season ticket sales are open now for AFC Bournemouth fans. We know most of the fixtures and they will become even clearer once the play-offs reach their conclusion. While there are 46 games and cup games to come in 2020/21, the uncertainty as to how some games might have reduced capacity leaves AFCB offering ballot system for games and refunds aplenty for those who perhaps sign up and find they don't get to go to as many games as they'd hoped.

Stadiums might only be half full as matches resume in 2020-21.
Football has changed and it doesn't look to be for the better. Safety has to come first and that is going to make this another strange season. Much of what is going to be tested will be done for the first time and it makes me slightly anxious that AFCB are bringing out a new ticketing website, even if it is the same system being used by Everton and Brentford.

It would have been equally entering the unknown if Bournemouth had stayed in the Premier League, but changing divisions is going to mean much more work for the staff at AFCB I  and that is for a staff that may well be smaller in numbers now. Costs are going to have to be cut sharply and there has to be a new blueprint for the club to be successful in the Championship.

It is easy to see why other clubs dropping down to the Championship have found it difficult to adjust, and I am not sure if being a smaller club helps AFCB anymore, it could be worse. But I want to be positive and see the club thrive. We need to hear from good news between now and 12 September, when the season starts, and hopefully I can talk about that on Cherry Chimes.

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