Friday, 31 July 2020

Liverpool after the talented Lloyd Kelly

Bournemouth look like they will be leaking players fast, as the big teams come in to grab the best players they can for cut-prices if possible. On the back of the club agreeing a fee for Man City to take Nathan AkΓ©, Liverpool are lining up the signature of Lloyd Kelly, according to the Daily Express. 
Lloyd Kelly is a target for Liverpool
Putting Lloyd Kelly in the shop window for the last nine games of the season might not have been in Bournemouth's best interests, but Liverpool have been keen on Kelly, He was snatched first by Bournemouth last summer. Now the tables look to have turned. The only compensation AFCB fans will have is that Liverpool will have to pay significantly more than the £13m that AFCB plaid Bristol for Kelly's services. It would be great if Kelly stayed considering he has hardly played for Bournemouth since signing, but he has a rare talent that will attract big money.

Bournemouth could be left with an improved bank balance, but very little to show for it on the pitch, as they start the next season. It does seem crazy that Premier League teams want to pick players out of a defence that let in 65 goals last season. Perhaps Eddie Howe was not so far away from a great defence but the best parts of it - Nathan AkΓ© and Lloyd Kelly  - seemed to be headed out.

Eddie Howe will need to rebuild the defence but he will want to build it around a player like Lloyd Kelly, so there might be some fight ahead to see if Liverpool get their man. Bournemouth might be able to keep hold of one of their players that are in high demand, but it looks like Premier League clubs are after Aaron Ramsdale, Lloyd Kelly, David Brooks, Callum Wilson and Josh King for starters.

In other news, U21 Zeno Ibsen Rossi joined Kilmarnock for 2020-21 season

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  1. What evidence of leaking players. Could it be, by getting the obvious business with Ake done it means less concern.

    Stop and consider the players best interests, and the majority, who have had major injuries in the last one or two seasons, might just need a season to recuperate and enjoy taking on players below the Pl standard they are used to.

    Write a piece "Why staying intin Bournemouth makes sense". Late transfer window from Championship to PL might mean the Cherries can let players prove fitness and get us off to a strong start, and how this might encourage them to stay in a winning team, playing weekly, rather than join another PL team fighting relegation.

    With Covid still around there are a lot more considerations than just money. Who wants to live in a swanky London flat if there are social restrictions this winter, why.

    1. Which might explain why several Premiership quality players have chosen to stay in the Championship - at least for a year or two : eg Allen (Stoke), Cairney, Mitrovich (Fulham), Hernandez (Leeds), Swift (Reading), Watkins, Jensen, (Brentford).

  2. As stated before, we have technically good defenders, but problems usually arise from the space that can open up in front of the defence.