Wednesday, 29 July 2020

What can AFCB fans take from Maxim Demin's statement?

I was considering what to say about Maxim Demin's statement last night. We haven't really heard from him much since the club won promotion to the Premier League, but he wants to show leadership at this important time and I am fully behind what he had to say.
Maxim Demin says it isn't the end of his AFCB story.
It is only normal for there to be a bit of gloom in the minds of players, staff and fans after a relegation. But it is how you respond to the setbacks that counts, as Eddie Howe said in his post-match interview.

Maxim Demin clearly wants fans to believe their can be an even better future for the club, and the experience that has been gained from being in the Premier League can only make the club stronger. It doesn't have to be the end of the story, and it won't be for AFCB. It is not like we have become a non-league team. We are in the second highest division in the country and going to be playing in an extremely competitive league next season with many teams looking to beat a recently relegated team. Bournemouth will have the second lowest ground capacity with only Wycombe Wanderers having a smaller ground, but AFCB will be seen as one of the giants in terms of status.

Maxim talks of thriving in the Championship. We know we have a manager that has proved he can lead a team out of that division, but it will all depend on what players he can keep and attract to the club now. Maxim may well throw some money at the Championship again, so it will be interesting to see if these are simply words or real determination to get back to the Premier League.
What would have been more worrying is if Maxim had said nothing. The rumours of him looking to sell the club would have only grown. Now there is a voice giving a bit of stability to the club after it has received a wobble. A steadying voice is probably what it needs and everyone needs to focus on the task ahead. Maxim Demin seems up for it, and it is important that the fans also feel it when they do get back into the stadium.

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In other news, AFCB announces season ticket renewals have begun.

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  1. NO1 prioty is to continue with Eddie Howe as your manager he has done it the past can do it again the fans are behind him and his staff stay at Dean Court it will always be that to fans of my age. To the owner have faith in people around you and make real cash available to build a team to be feared playing home or away.