Monday, 29 September 2014

Boroc had nothing to save

Put yourself in Artur Boruc's boots for a moment. You sign in September for AFCB on loan coming from a Premier League side and fall straight into the first team. Barring a spectacular last gasp goal from Watford it would have been three clean sheets from three for the Polish goal minder. He is big and powerful and has already show how he dominates his area and is a commanding presence in goal. Artur looks like he belongs and yet he has only played three games for the Cherries.
Artur before the Wigan game.
There are moments when even the media are caught out and have to admit they did not see a signing coming. That is surely the case over Artur Boruc as a keeper was not high on everyone's must have list for AFCB over the transfer window. Yet, in has come Artur Boruc from Southampton and you can't disagree that the goals against have started to dry up. Artur kept a clean sheet against Cardiff in the League Cup and arguably had even less to do to keep a clean sheet against Wigan at home. Even when Artur was called upon to make a save in the 92nd minute of that game he did so without a great deal of fuss and pushed the ball out to a defender who cleared. I see that the BBC have recorded two attempts on goal by Wigan but I am struggling to remember more than one instance when Artur had to get his gloves dirty on Saturday.
Artur Boruc has only conceded one goal in three league and cup matches.
There were a couple of moments in the first half when Steve Cook expected for Boruc to come for a ball quicker and the keeper's refusal led Cook to hastily do a u-turn and pump the ball out wide, but such communication and understanding will come with time. As a whole it has been hard to fault Artur as he really has not had a great deal to do in goal and that is an indication that those in front of them are keeping the ball well and blocking shots at the moment. His distribution is also being aided by players pointing and calling for the ball quickly as soon as it is in the keeper's hands, and I imagine the back four in general must feel very assured with confidence and ease with which Artur has fitted into the team - a sign of a top keeper.

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