Thursday, 18 September 2014

Surman looks up for the challenge

It was an exceptional first half from AFCB against Leeds. Yes, they may have run out of steam, but the opening saw Andrew Surman as one of the main tormentors of the Leeds' side. It wasn't just that he scored a goal in the sixth minute, which you might say is a collectors item at Dean Court for him in recent times, but he prodded and pushed balls into other AFCB players, setting the tempo and directing play in a positive fashion that had the Yorkshire team stretched and fretting in those opening minutes.

Of course, it didn't last. That is a pity but not something to be overly negative about. Fans should not forget that Andrew Surman has hardly had any football this season and he is going to get match fit by playing and getting some consistency into his performance. The change in attitude of the team from last Saturday was total in that opening half against Leeds. There was some dynamic play with Fraser and Surman linking up well and Ritchie also contributing along with Wilson and Kermorgant. While AFCB could have been out of sight, the fact that they did not finish clinically is something that they can work on. It was still far better than the none creativity of the performance just three days prior and Surman was instrumental in getting Bournemouth on the front foot.
Andrew Surman is making a good start to his 2013/14 season. 
It may be that Surman has been underestimated by some AFCB followers, including myself. The game is not just about being the man that scores the goals. Andrew is now clear though where his future lies and he wants success with AFCB. You could see it in his efforts to rally the team immediately after Leeds had equalised. He did not want others to let their heads go down and I see positivity in that and experience.

Things did not come good on this occasion but the Cherries are not a million miles off of the higher places in the division and we are seeing some surprise results already. Hopefully the minutes on the pitch that Surman has had at Dean Court against Leeds stand him in good stead to have a great game at Vicarage Road on Saturday.   

Finally, I have an unashamed final plug to everyone. I had a great time last night, speaking with Michael Dunne about the Leeds match and we even managed to think of many reasons why there should be optimism for AFCB fans for the coming games. Hopefully the broadcast will be up later today as long as it recorded okay for Michael. Tune in to All Departments' website to check when it is up. I'll also put it up on the Chimes blog as well later.

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