Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Have AFCB been worked out by other teams?

Fans may be thinking that AFCB only play one way and that their passing style has been fathomed out by opposition teams after looking at recent results. However, that's not what Eddie Howe feels and he's not about to change his style of play. It may mean that AFCB are still a team that has much to learn about life in the Championship and there could be some more hard lessons to come, but playing the way Eddie Howe has done has served the club well up to now and the Cherries simply have to get better at what they do if they are to improve their league position.
Keep the faith.
Every match is different and you can't replicate everything on the training pitch to match what goes on during the 90 minutes of a competitive match. It is unlikely that Guiseppe Bellusci will hit another strike as sweetly as he did in the second half against AFCB, last night, for some time to come. Every now and again there is some brilliance as that is the level at which the club is now playing. Against Leeds, Bournemouth did have chances but they did not go in and it mattered greatly on the day. Still there is no reason to change everything because the Cherries have hit a bad run. Most teams will have a similar experience at some point this season and it is good to hear that Eddie Howe is considered in his opinion on why things are not quite working out at the moment.

Eddie Howe said: "We're not going to rip up how we do things here. If that's the case, then I'm the wrong man for the job. So we're going to make sure we work harder and work smarter."

It is not that other teams have suddenly discovered the secret of AFCB's play, but teams are finding ways to stop the Cherries being as effective for period of matches, and much of the difficulties have stemmed from AFCB's own inability to do the things they need to do well. 

Compared to the Rotherham match we did see a much better start to the Leeds game and for a good while there were many positive signs to the forward play. Lee Camp hardly had a save to make for 60 minutes and the shape of the team only began to look stretched in the last third of the Leeds match. Whether playing at home is putting more pressure on the players to perform will only be seen in future weeks, but taking on an inform Watford team just might be a help if the Cherries are not expected to return with anything from that game.

So much of the game is about the little details that I don't want fans to beat themselves up about recent results because the team just needs a few things to go their way and they had little luck against Leeds at both ends of the pitch last night. UTCIAD!

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