Monday, 15 September 2014

Is Kermorgant sacrificing too much of his game for Wilson?

I have been high in praise of Yann Kermorgant since his arrival last January at AFCB. He is just what the team needed - a gifted front player with creative touch and aerial power. But we haven't seen as many deft touches and shooting opportunities from the Frenchman in recent games and, while the partnership with Callum Wilson appeared to spark goals up at Huddersfield, the way in which AFCB are playing at the moment is maybe not getting the best out of Yann.

We all want our strikers to be on top of their game all the time, but it is virtually guaranteed that form will dip now and again. For Yann I believe there is some parts of his game that are just not coming off for him and whether some things have rattled him is hard to tell. While it was a team decision on how AFCB set-up, he was dropped to the bench at Norwich and there is the fact that Callum Wilson took his penalty at Huddersfield. They are small things but such matters can just disjoint harmony and have a nagging doubt in player's minds. I might of course be reading too much into it and Yann is hopefully perfectly happy with everything at Bournemouth, but the team needs him back to his ruthless best in front of goal and he hardly had a shot in the Rotherham match.
More shots from Yann would help the cause.
While much of the focus has been on Callum Wilson, I believe it is Yann Kermorgant that needs to have that belief that he is a vital part of this AFCB team. Callum may miss some chances but he is always able to get opportunities while there are times when Yann is playing more statically and is not always in a position to have such an impact on a game as many of us would like him to have.  If he drops back too deep he simply doesn't get into the scoring positions where he can be most effective.

If you look closely at the Rotherham match, it was Yann Kermorgant who battled to make the chance for Callum Wilson to strike his shot hard against the post in the second half and he also beat his man on the left wing to cross for Callum when the ball got stuck underneath the former-Covntry man, before the keeper rescued the situation for the Millers. 

So is the need to get Callum Wilson in on goal taking something away from Yann's game? It certainly seems that the priority is to get Wilson in on goal but AFCB have to find chances for Yann as well, plus other players if they can. For me though, there is more to come from Kemrorgant and the sooner he scores the better.  

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