Monday, 29 September 2014

Team goals are becoming the Cherries' signature

Eddie Howe is adamant that the Cherries will never change from their fluent passing style during his tenure at the club. It can only be reassuring for fans to hear him say that when the team puts in a goal like they did in the second half against Wigan at home. It was the culmination of some superb running on and off the ball which opened the door for Simon Francis to score and to end Wigan's hopes. I'll sign up for more of that.

Simon Francis is another player that Eddie Howe has asked to try and get on the end of things a bit more often, following the calls for Harry Arter to score more goals. For Francis, so often the provider, it is indeed rare to see him finish off moves, but he has such tremendous focus and accuracy in his play that it would not hurt for him to think about shooting rather than make another pass on some occasions. While he hurtles down the right wing at great pace and usually puts in a telling cross, AFCB are also seeing players move around and pop up in positions where you might expect a forward to be, because the movement and interchanging of passing is so good. 
Great passing moves with a goal at the end of it are
 rapidly becoming an AFCB signature these days.
The second goal against Wigan was a master class in showing how AFCB like to create space for a scoring opportunity. Ritchie's fast delivery into feet and Stanislas' clever dummy did for Wigan's defence with a simple triangle pass back towards the on rushing Francis to unlock the defence and give Scott Carson little hope of keeping the shot out. Beautifully crafted and unashamedly devastating in its execution and forward penetrative aim, the Cherries' second goal against Wigan is the kind of goal that is no doubt seen on the training ground at AFCB every week. 

However, it is the ability to bring that technique and skill to the match day that will see AFCB climb the table. We know they can do it for short bursts and golden moments, but bringing it to the table more often will surely start to widen the gap between AFCB and other teams. Such football deservedly marks AFCB out as one of the best footballing sides in the Championship and its great to hear that there are no plans to change that.   

Look out for Michael Dunne's all Departments' podcast on AFCB 2 v 0 Wigan at the All Departments' website. You can also scroll down the side bar on Cherry Chimes to the All Departments' logo and listen by clicking on the sound bar. 

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