Thursday, 9 July 2015

AFCB add some Vitality to their game with a new Stadium sponsor

The Cherries will hope that they will be full of vitality for their games in the Premier League and if they needed any inspiration then the newly named Vitality Stadium will hopefully provide them with some luck as well as financial benefit along the way. The need for sponsorship and for companies who want to be associated with such a high profile team like AFC Bournemouth will have fantastic benefits for both parts of the deal. It is not easy for fans to latch on to the new names straight away, but I am sure we'll soon hear that news announcers are quickly saying, "And now to the Vitality Stadium where there's been a goal, and the home supporters are jumping up and down with excitement!"
No more Goldsands, now it's The Vitality Stadium.
Of course, it will always be Dean Court though to fans, no matter what name is given to the stadium for sponsorship. While the big sponsorship deals are fast being completed I still expect that the club will be looking to see what else it can put up for sponsorship - I don't think the new pavilion that is being built will be nameless for long. The club is one of the most successful not only on the pitch but also in marketing itself and it's a very different picture to the commercial scene of the club only a few years ago. Now it is in a position where it is attracting big money and I applaud them for turning the club around.

I am sure Vitality will be pleased with their exposure on and off the pitch having struck this deal and from the pictures that I have seen of the pitch it is already looking magnificent. It is clear that their association with several other clubs gives them a strong football identity and I imagine that AFCB will be a club that will be in the headlines perhaps more than the average Premier League club in 2015-16 seeing as it is the club's debut season at that level.

A new era - a new name. Let's hope it brings success.


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