Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Is Rantie coming good?

There was part of me that was ever so pleased to see TK score a goal against Philadelphia Union. Okay, it was from the penalty spot and the keeper made a good effort to nearly save it! Still, the ball flew in the top corner and Rantie had scored again - it has been a little while since I remember him scoring in the 0-8 demolition of Birmingham City last season.

While some fans may not consider Tokelo to be a prime candidate to score many goals in the Premier League, I suggest it is only perhaps now that the real talent of TK is perhaps starting to emerge a little more consistently on the English stage. One game doesn't make a season, but TK certainly had plenty of spark about his game when he got his chance against Philadelphia Union. He linked up with Marc Pugh on several occasions with the fast movement and thought that showed an understanding that is perhaps starting to grow. There was also a noticeable comment by Christian Atsu that he likes playing with TK and the African connection will perhaps help Rantie as well as Christian inspire each other to great things in 2015-16. 
Is Rantie's game now ready to explode onto the Premier League scene?
Against Exeter City the manager also repaid some faith in Rantie by giving him a start alongside Josh King. It will take a lot of work on TK's behalf to out some of AFCB's other strikers from the starting positions but he can certainly try and like we saw with Brett Pitman, he could still make an impact from the sub's bench. Now that Brett has also moved to Ipswich, there is a tantalising gap to fill for another striker and Rantie must really take it upon himself now to try and get the consistency and performances that enable him to get more time in games and hopefully he gets some luck to remain injury-free. His shoulder injury last season certainly held him back.

What I like about Rantie is that he is different to all the other forwards at the club. There will be games when AFCB need something different and TK just might help earn AFCB some valuable points in the Premier League. 

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