Friday, 10 July 2015

Cherries step up the pace

The news from Philadelphia is that training is pretty full on with up to three sessions in one day. It is the hard school right now and I guess the players just have to grimace through the pain a bit. Still the surroundings sound excellent and all thoughts are turning toward that first game against Philadelphia Union.

I was pleased to hear that the club has decided to give the fans something back by streaming not only a pre-match press conference before the game but also the match itself on Now it is up to the players to put on a show and to impress the boss. I think this is a time when the players can forget about some of the pressures at home and concentrate on their football. New friendships are also being formed so it's a really important time.

Eddie Howe looks pretty serious in the photos, It's certainly work time and the expectations on Eddie to deliver in his first Premier League season are huge not so much as fans hope he succeeds but he himself is eager to do his very best. He'll be making sure there is no slacking and that all that can be done is getting done now.

What we all really want though is to see some action. To see some of the new players on the pitch and to observe whether players like Harry Cornick can make a contribution to the first team squad.

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