Friday, 3 July 2015

Monday night viewing for Liverpool v AFCB

I was braced to see a few unwanted fixture movements as soon as Sky and BT Sports were going to release their first Premier League games. The matches moved for TV in August and September have now been listed and three weeks earlier than last season - so perhaps the TV companies are starting to listen to fans' complaints and travel headaches?

Four our beloved Cherries a trip to Anfield will now be on Monday 17 August which probably means needing the day off work for most of us if we want to travel up to Anfield. While the younger fans may find they have to miss out on some games like this when they have school weeks (perhaps they can stay up and watch it at home dad?), it can't be denied that the Live TV games also make the Premier League thrilling to be involved in and the match against Liverpool should be a humdinger!

The atmosphere at Anfield is always special and with an 8pm kick off there will be a lot of excitement for this game, which is Liverpool's first home match of the new season.

AFCB have managed to avoid the Friday night fixture appointments so far, but will probably get caught at some stage during the season. I think Bournemouth fans will simply get used to seeing their team play on different days of the week and so far there is probably less disruption than last season with so many mid-week games. We now await the end of July when further movements of matches in October and November are announced.

Are you pleased witha Monday night game under the floodlights at Anfield?

Meanwhile,  Leicester City have had a £12 million bid for possible AFCB target Charlie Austin rejected by QPR.

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