Sunday, 5 July 2015

Is Charlie Austin the best option for the Cherries?

The long drawn out saga of where Charlie Austin is going to be headed is surely coming to a conclusion fairly soon. It probably really needs to as it is a move that is likely to be holding up other transfers. If Crystal Palace landed him then AFCB could move for Gayle or Murray. However, it's Leicester City that started the ball rolling with  a £12 million bid that was rejected and we now wait to see if the Foxes move again, or if Newcastle or West Ham come in with something like £15 million or perhaps even AFC Bournemouth? But would it be a good option for the Cherries to spend that kind of money for Charlie? For me, I would love Austin to come to AFCB I just hope that he does brilliantly if he does come and that the money is a good investment. 

Once the money has been spent it has gone for good. The prospect of recouping such large amounts of money will only materialise if AFCB can stay up and have a great season or two at the top level. Austin was the prolific goalscorer in a team that went down last season and while his record is great it will not be a season he wants to repeat from the performance point of view of QPR's ultimate fate - relegation. If AFCB signed Austin, I'd expect either Wilson or King to be among the substitutes and the instinctive way that Charlie plays on the last defender and predator in the box is perhaps a little more individual in its nature than how AFCB have been playing of late.

If AFCB are careful with their money though I believe the Rickie Lambert option would be a sensible addition. At £3 million there is already a big saving and Rickie is a natural team player who could fill the number 10 role as well if not better than Kermorgant. He may not have great pace, but he reads the game so well and is always a good assist player with vision and the ability to put the ball away when he feels that he is carrying a team up front. He'll happily take penalties and is unselfish enough to see when other players need the ball in attacking areas rather than the position that he might be in. AFCB have the speed and fire power of Wilson, King and Atsu. What they don't have is so many thinking players to ensure the right pass is made in the last third. Surman, Ritchie and Kermorgant are the main providers but I believe Lambert offers just the quality that Eddie Howe's team would thrive on.

Breaking News: The Sun on Sunday and Social Media are rife with reports that AFCB are putting together a £14 million offer for Charlie Austin.

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