Sunday, 19 July 2015

Will Arter be a big miss if he does not start the season?

Harry Arter picked up a hip and groin injury during his time training with the Republic of Ireland over the summer. He has been ever present in AFCB's Championship winning side and a major reason for the team's great success in 2014-15. But he didn't fly out to the training camp in Philadelphia, did not make the Exeter game and is still not training with the team. He will be in a race to get fit for the start of the Cherries' debut season in the Premier League and may well have to see a specialist. Every AFCB fan should be hoping that Harry can step up his training and get up to full fitness by early August, because he is such a big asset to the team.

We have already heard from the players that they were still thinking of Harry Arter when he was unable to join up with them in the USA. His presence around the team is huge and when Harry is on his game and playing well AFCB usually start ticking and the other players seem to be more at ease with him in the side. Some of that might be familiarity and respect for what Harry can do, but for me Harry is the player a player that we just like to see bombing around the pitch and pushing himself to the limit. He has done it for AFCB now for five seasons and not to see him playing is always like feeling something is missing.
Harry hope's to be ready for the first game against Villa.
While every player is replaceable and competition for places is now higher than ever for the team, it would be a blow if Harry is not ready to put on his red and black shirt by 8 August. There are capable players who can come into the team, but some players are like talisman for teams and Harry is one of those for the Cherries. He has done so well in rising up the leagues with the team and if last season was his best so far I am confident that he can do even more in the Premier League. He has not yet scored more than eight goals in a season for the Cherries and my challenge to him is to get 10 next season. He'll need to keep the suspensions down to get anywhere near that. I know he has the ability to fire in some more goals though and I am hoping that Eddie Howe pushes him to shoot more.

I think Harry has it in his mind to be ready for Aston Villa, but he'll need to get a couple of games in before then and that is looking doubtful. We have seen Tommy Elphick be left out at the start of last season as he wasn't quite there so I have no doubt that Eddie Howe will hold Harry back if he is also not on the pace at the start of August. So Harry has to be sensible and get it just right to feature in the early Premier League programme.

Artur Boruc also played no part in the Exeter City game because  of a shoulder injury, as reported in the Bournemouth Echo.

If you missed the match against Philadelphia Union you can now see it for free on the Official AFC Bournemouth website. I am expecting some news about how the Development Squad did at Weymouth as well soon.

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