Monday, 20 July 2015

Last season seems a long time ago - want the DVD?

I am expecting news about the 2014-15 season DVD to be announced pretty soon now. There will be some great clips on that of course and hopefully the players will enjoy reliving the many memorable moments of the greatest season in AFCB's history when they look back over events. Yes, there'll be the 0-8 game against Birmingham, the 1-6 spanking of Blackpool and the 1-5 away win at Fulham among many other fabulous results, but the Cherries have left those days behind them and I am pleased that as fans we can now move on to what we hope will be an even more exciting period of AFCB history.
Everyone knows where Bournemouth is now.
While every fan will have their own special memories from last season I am one who will be glad that the final tension of the run-in is well behind us all. It was a marvellous time and the heart was pumping at every game like Brighton and Reading away and the home games against Middlesbrough, Sheffield Wednesday and Bolton Wanderers, but the team got there. No one can take that away from AFCB's players and fans now and no matter how pleasing that was to witness there is a bigger job on now.

It's a bit serious preparing for the Premier League. For some exiles like myself, who probably won't have been back at Dean Court since all the developments over the summer, it will be quite a big thing when visiting the ground again for the start of the new season. Things will have changed from the sponsors on the stadium to the new building work and the taste of the Premier League being in the air. It's been all change and has all happened very quickly. Overnight the club has grown up if you like from rebellious teenager to a full adult that has even more ambition to make its name known worldwide. It's always going to be important to remember the past, but AFCB should also now look forward with confidence and optimism as the club we have been building is now ready to take its place at the highest level and it's time for us to be ready for that.

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