Thursday, 16 March 2017

Are AFCB back on track?

The win against West Ham was certainly crucial and AFCB rode their luck a shade at times with some questionable handballs at both ends of the pitch, but on the balance of play most would probably say that they deserved the win. That win gives AFCB a big lift not just because of the points, but the manner of the win to take the victory right on 90 minutes when it had seemed that they would have to settle for a draw.
AFCB are getting back into their stride.
AFCB have shown excellent comebacks this season and the desire to win can't be faulted even if the performances don't always hit the top level. Some fans who have been arguing that AFCB are only headed for relegation forget to consider the nature of the team and its heart to fight against adversity and in the Mings-gate and major injury to Callum Wilson, there is yet again a significant fortress mentality that have been built up and AFCB's players simply won't entertain negative thoughts. This has manifolded itself on the pitch with some great digging in during games which was no better demonstrated than when the side failed to score from two penalties in the first half against West Ham. It didn't have a negative effect and that kind of spirit is why I believe this side will fight so hard to keep themselves out of the bottom three.


The points tally is now back up above a point a game and it is really down to the players to keep the points coming now. They have a great chance to put themselves within touching distance of safety if they can get the win against Swansea. While I don't see the side being safe yet, they have taken huge strides towards achieving that in the last two games and it is clear that the team have enough within them to be able to get results in this league at the moment.

So are AFCB back on track? I'd say so, and it is noticeable in the noise in the stadium as well as the fans see the side working so hard to achieve their aims. UTCIAD!

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