Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Cook admits that he was in-part to blame for Hammer's first goal

I don't often get to watch Goals on Sunday on Sky, but when you know that Andrew Surman and Steve Cook are going to be on the show it's not something you want to miss. While I only got an hour's viewing it was enough to hear Steve Cook have a few conciliatory words to say about West Ham's first goal last Saturday when everyone in the ground was shouting - 'Harry, what are you doing!'
Steve Cook just might have to say sorry to Harry Arter.
Far from being expected, Harry Arter looked well in control of the situation when presented with the ball outside his own box. He looked up in good time to see what was on, but apparently it was Steve Cook that was yelling at him to pay a square ball out to Charlie Daniels to get an attack going when Feghouli stole in and pinched the ball. So maybe Arter would have chosen a different option had it not been for Cook's insistence, and sitting next to his vice captain on the Sky Sports' sofa Cook could afford to have a bit of a smile, knowing that it hadn't cost the Cherries the game in the end. I'm not sure Harry Arter will have been so amused but Harry never lets such a mistake stop him from continuing to give his best.

It also came to everyone's attention yesterday that Harry Arter had been caught during the game and had a problem with his calf. Hopefully, it is not anything major. While Andrew Surman is going to be available to play again, it would be a blow to lose Harry Arter for the next match.
Andrew himself was probably thinking, I wish I was playing when having to answer Ben Shepherd's questioning on the Zlatan Ibrahimovic saga with Tyrone Mings and his own involvement in getting sent off. Some diplomatic response was required and Andrew managed that, but I also liked the way he was prepared to say that Eddie Howe was not at all happy with Surman and even the vice captain can find himself on the wrong side of the Gaffa at times.

In other news, Ryan Fraser has received his first full International call up for Scotland's first team - much deserved.

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