Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Pugh still continues to come up with the goods

AFCB fans know all about what Marc Pugh does well. He is a real handful in the box and possible the one player who will do everything he can to get a shot off when he is in the box. This may mean that he has to beat his marker two or three times, before making a pass of having a shot, but just look at how often does Pugh come up with a crucial goal or moment in a game.
AP penalty winner- Marc Pugh;'s box of tricks does it again.
Pugh is often turned to to play in the side with Charlie Daniels when the team is going througha rough patch. There's no coincidence in that. Howe is aware that Pugh, the longest playing servant at the club, is a reliable sort who will always do a job that is constructive for the side. It's just that when Pugh gets in the box, he doesn't panic. He hurts teams and his clever movement and turns have worked all the way up the leagues, and I don't think any defender has really worked him out, let along AFCB's own defenders who probably get shown up every week in training.

The penalty that Pugh won at Old Trafford was probably something that only he could have won for the Cherries. He is not as direct as Fraser and will check back when he is not clear to have a shot or to make a cross, and it's the speed at which Pugh changes his mind and shapes his body that causes the problems for defenders. Is Pugh underestimated? Yes, I think his value is far greater to this team than even the fans recognise. He lives the club and has been described by Eddie Howe as the 'ultimate professional'. I imagine he is a dream for a manager.

It is amazing that Pugh and Fraser are the two players that are now first choice for the Cherries on the wings. For so ling they would battle with each other to get the left wing spot in the Championship and they have seen some major transfers for heir positions fail to add as much to the squad as these two players do. I think the two compliment each other very well, with one so direct and the other able to cut back and deliver a great cross. Headlines may always be more noticeable for Jack Wilshere and Callum Wilson, but reliability shouldn't be underestimated and you always know you'll get a performance from Pugh.

In other news, AFCB are set to appeal against the FA's violent conduct charge for Tyrone Mings.

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