Friday, 10 March 2017

King must keep getting the goals

The penalty spot is being kind to Josh King at the moment. He may be using up his repertoire of spot kicks fairly soon, but what we have seen of his penalty kicks so far have been so good as to wonder why he hasn't done the job ahead of others before.
Can King keep his goal run going?
AFCB seem to have a plethora of players that want to take penalties. It is handy of anyone gets injured that someone else can take over, and I believe competition is quite high at the club to be the recognised penalty taker. I felt quite nervous for Josh up at old Trafford when he had to wait to take the kick. It seemed unfair that he should have to wait so long but Josh stayed very composed. It was an explosive kick as well with just a short run up. It had to be excellent too to beat de Gea.

I'm sure Josh is pleased to score, but I bet he would rather do it in the run of play. He did not get a clear chance to do that last game and in the next home game the onus will really be on AFCB to be more positive than reactionary. They have to try and get Josh and Adobe, if he plays, with good shooting chances and it is always worrying to see if the side can just turn it on like a tap when they have had a game where they have just had to use every fibre to keep a side out with 10-men.

Josh is particularly good at making positive play. He robbed Man Utd's midfield on countless occasions and he works so hard for the team that he is now highly regarded. In fact, so much so that he has his own song at last - a version of the Will Greg 'Your defence is terrified'. I imagine we might be singing that quite often. King needs to become the striker that is the go to man when AFCB need a cool finish, and I think he is certainly up to the job. Let's hope the hammer's defence is soon to be terrified!

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