Thursday, 2 March 2017

Eddie Howe is finding out how tough the Premier League can be

It is sometimes hard to forget that it is only Eddie Howe's second season in the Premier League. He has had everything thrown at him, from being the next Arsenal and England manager to being told he is inexperienced and is no better than any other English manager who has a an owner with a big bank account backing him.
Eddie Howe is a fighter and will not rest until he
finds some solutions to the Cherries' current woes.
I sometimes wonder what Eddie makes of it all? The media have their fun with whichever manager they want to have a go at each week. The winless run that AFCB are on provides plenty of ammunition for those who like to see success stories fall from grace and Eddie is no exception to the rule there. Of course, the majority of AFCB fans are just thankful that Eddie kept the club in the league, let alone gave us all promotions all the way up to the Premier League. But peoples' memories are short. Yet, can we really criticise AFCB for finding it tough to beat teams like Everton, Man City and WBA? Perhaps things will change soon, but even Eddie must be looking at the fixtures and wondering where the win is going to come with Man Utd waiting to have their say.
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The team will be working hard this week to give the club some unexpected headlines come Sunday morning, but unlike Leicester City it won't be a change of manager that will kick start AFCB's recovery. The players and the fans will turn things around as best they can for Eddie as we owe it him to stick together and to enjoy more good times. The Premier League is a strange place to play football as one week you are touted as having done well and better than expected and the next you are staring at relegation. Eddie will take the challenge on and won't look for excuses of sympathy. He has a job to do and is committed to his players who he is sure can find their form again.

AFCB can't pick and choose where they will get points from. Every game is a chance to help earn survival now and it begins at Old Trafford. Eddie is right in saying that AFCB's destiny is in their own hands. The difficulty will be in keeping it that way.

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  1. Relegation is a certainty...due to s disasterour transfer policy....aloyalty to players that makes no sense ...