Saturday, 17 February 2018

Eddie Howe gets January Manager of the Month gong

I suspect some of you are thinking it is about time that Eddie Howe landed the Premier League's Manager of the month award again - the previous one came in March 2017. Well, he has done it and with three years of experience in the Premier League almost complete, he can be pleased with his record to date at this level with the funds and players at his disposal.
Eddie Howe can be pleased with his work in January.
January was a great month for the Cherries with wins against Arsenal and Chelsea as well as draws against Brighton and West Ham Utd, but we did have a disappointment in the FA Cup. So, critics will say things aren't quite perfect yet at AFCB, and it's good to have a can do better tag never too far away to keep progress going forward. But, I can see that Eddie Howe doesn't see the job as being anywhere near complete yet at AFCB. It has been a difficult season so far, and even with a strong January the Cherries still have work to do to keep themselves away from the relegation zone.

Hopefully, the Huddersfield defeat will soon be a distant memory. It is probably at the end of the season when Eddie Howe will give himself a brief moment to look back on January with some satisfaction, but for now it's all about Newcastle Utd and working out how to get back to winning. The pressure on Eddie Howe is never diminished even when he is doing well and in a way I'm quite pleased when he doesn't get talked about too much or pick up awards, because with so few English managers in the top flight he is automatically always linked with being the next great English manager for a top four club or the England job and I'm always quietly pleased when the media talk about Sean Dyche instead.

Well, Eddie has a second Premier League's Manager of the Month trophies on his desk now and I hope he looks at them, if ever he needs to feel good about himself, because he makes us feel good about AFCB pretty much every weekend.

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  1. Loved his recent comment about Simon Francis. Simon has been the object of some negativism recently and Eddie shows his loyalty to a stalwart player. Simon will reward him with some good form as we run in. Manager of the Month certainly goes with the record in January, but it's how you get the best from your players that makes a truly great manager. Toronto John