Monday, 5 February 2018

Mousset plays the role of super sub

I was impressed with Lys Mousset as soon as he took to the pitch to replace Junior Stanislas on Saturday. He had a fair mount of time to make an impact having come on in the 59th minute against Stoke City and he didn't hang about in having a go.
Lys Mousset has his eyes on AFCB goals.
The first run Mousset made was right at the Stoke defence. He beat Zouma, Choupo-Moting and almost Pieters as he headed towards goal and won a Bournemouth corner. As Kris Temple said, it was all self-engineered and I think that is what is special about Lys Mousset as we never quiet know what he is going to do. We have not seen a great deal of Mousset yet and the fans are just starting to see how he likes to play. He does look to receive the ball well and is quick to turn, but his first thought is to run straight at goal. He has that strength as well to almost run through people. He does need to watch his control though as you see the ball runaway from him at times when he is charging at speed.

Mousset also got on the ball and used his strength to keep the ball near the D, just before Gosling fed the ball to Callum Wilson, who missed with his second half effort, on the angle, that shot across the front of the right to the left side of the goal. Mousset was making things happen and took up intelligent positions just pulling away from defenders and finding the space to make the killer pass. Lys could have scored earlier had he diverted Fraser's near post cross in but the speed was just to much for him to get to it.

The goal itself that Mousset scored gave us another side of Lys' game. He can head well and he must have been surprised to see no challenge on him being so close to goal. He managed to get between Bauer and Crouch and couldn't really miss with the goal opening up in front of him.

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  1. The way Mousset so confidently took it on his shoulders to set about terrorising the Stoke defence was as pleasing as the massively important goal he scored. At long last he appears to on the road to cementing his position in the first team matchday squad.

    The injury to Steve Cook is very worrying with Adam Smith and Mings also seemingly nowhere near a return for some time to come. Why wouldn't the bod allow Eddie any spending money to strengthen what has been so startlingly obviously... and now been proved to be, a poor 'strength in depth' back line? With all the money earned last season from Sky TV and the promise of much more to come from this season.... it would appear the infrastructure rebuild costs of the training/academy complex and new stadium proposals are having a serious impact on first player investment. Despite Neil Blakes denials that wouldn't happen!