Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Corner move could have turned Huddersfield match

The big moment of the match against Huddersfield for Bournemouth perhaps came not when the team had clawed their way back to 1-1, but when Steve Cook came within a whisker of making it 2-2. To come back once in a game shows character, but to do it twice may have given Huddersfield much more to think about at half time.
Steve Cook came close to evening things up at 2-2.
Sadly, Steve Cook did not convert his carefully crafted effort that flew very close to Huddersfield's goal and came off the foot of the post. Bournemouth are getting extremely good at working corners to get a man free to shoot and in this attempt Steve Cook came from the back to find himself only a few metres from goal with most of the goal to aim out. His first shot connection could easily have gone the right side of the post and had the score gone to 2-2, I'm not so sure Bournemouth would have fallen away in the way they did in this game.

Huddersfield were the stronger side by far in the end, but players take great confidence from goals and Bournemouth are a team that are dependent on gaining belief from the way they are playing. That feeling of being unbeatable might well have pushed them on in the second half had Bournemouth have gone in all square at half time.

Games can be won and lost on such small incidents and the fact that the ball didn't really run for the Cherries in many of the 50:50 moments ultimately dented the confidence. What took the game away from Bournemouth though was Huddersfield's desire and a few costly mistakes at the back from the Cherries.  Begovic was not given much chance to keep a clean sheet and Bournemouth have to find a way of giving him more protection in away games like this.

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  1. reading your supporters posts on the day was all about Town would eventually tire and your greater fitness would take over, That really made us laugh, Truth is we were more hungry and you took us for granted,