Tuesday, 3 April 2018

AFCB lack concentration after half-time

Everyone has noticed how AFCB are coming back in games which they have needed to do to pick up points, but one AFCB fan on social media has rightly mentioned how frequently the team is conceding goals just after half-time. Of late it has happened against Watford and West Brom, but I also remember that the team has come back onto the pitch very early to start the second halves and perhaps some time spent in the dressing room would get it clearer in players minds to start the half better.
Okay, half-time is over concentrate!
Marc Pugh was out warming up from the start of the half-time break just to get armed up having coming on for Stanislas, and it no doubt helped him to get familiar with the conditions and surroundings for the second half. But when players come out early for the second half and just stand around talking you have to wonder how wise that is. Eddie Howe perhaps does not use the break to hammer points home as much as he could and yet there has to be something that stirs in the team when we get to the last 20 minutes when games appear to be running away from AFCB.

While the score line at half-time against Watford was okay being 1-1, perhaps AFCB felt that they were back in the game and things would just start well in the second half. Instead it was Watford that came out with all guns blazing and they soon got their reward. Setting the tempo after half-time is just as important as getting it right at the start of the game and Bournemouth's sluggish starts to halves are giving them problems.

If AFCB can just start to do better in these periods of games when they know they are most vulnerable, the job of having to make comebacks is going to become redundant. A bit of inspirational talk is required at half-time and I'm hoping that against Crystal Palace that AFCB are well in the game after 45 minute and don't come out too early for the second half.

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