Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The Cherries have much to learn from top six teams

Struggling away up at Anfield was not quite the match Eddie Howe had wanted to see, but his team were well mastered by a Liverpool side that could go on to win the European Cup this season, and just being able to be on the pitch and play against these players is what AFCB's players have to gain experience from. It will be no different against Man Utd who will aim to dominate AFCB's players, but the things that Howe and the players can learn from these games are important for future games against the top six which the club hopes to have.
Eddie has to piece together where it is going wrong at the moment.
Bournemouth have picked up just two wins against top six sides this season and both Arsenal and Chelsea are at the bottom of that top six. It is more of a top four this season and while Bournemouth have lost narrowly to Spurs and Man City in some of those fixtures they have found it difficult, even when getting a goal up against a top four side. So playing Man Utd at home will be another tough examination.

Eddie Howe only has a few days to pick apart what didn't go as well as it might at Anfield, but the match against Man Utd gives the team another chance to make more of a go of it against a top team. The two matches (Liverpool and Man Utd) will probably remind Howe of the Christmas period, when the Cherries had their worst run with poor results against the same teams, even if AFCB's performance at Old Trafford was one of their best. I don't think we can expect AFCB to play well against Man Utd though just because they did up at Old Trafford. Bournemouth have to earn the right to play their game n the way they want to and Man Utd won't make it easy for them.

AFCB should pick up a few pointers from the Liverpool defeat though ahead of this next match with United. They can't stand off players like Pogba who can hit long forward passes with great accuracy and they have to press together and get Defoe into the game, while King must bring other players into the game when the ball is hit up to him. There are certain parts of the game that have to be done well to get the team involved in the game and being progressive, and there were too many negative factors that kept popping up against Liverpool. Howe has to change that around now and find ways of playing positively against United.

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