Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Surman's fill in role

Andrew Surman has not fund an easy route back into the starting line up at AFCB and in recent games he has been used as a late sub to sure up the midfield and to let others get forward. Whether this is going to be how we see Surman used in the remaining matches of his career is perhaps already decided, if Eddie Howe believes he needs to be looking elsewhere for energy in the middle of the park.
Is Surman being faded out?
While Surman may not have given up on aspirations to be starting games for AFCB, he is being currently kept on the bench. Using him as an experienced head at the end of games may have its merits, if he plays a kind of sweeper role and enables others to go up field. Against Watford we did see Surman come forward at one point to get into a good shooting position, but his shot lacked any venom and it ended up as a pitiful attempt to try and beat the Watford keeper.

It appeared that Arter and Surman were unshiftable for a long part of this season, but now that Gosling and Lewis Cook have broken through, it has given an opportunity for Howe to rethink some parts of the team and his formations. At the end of games, when Bournemouth are chasing a goal, it does seem peculiar to put Andrew Surman on the pitch, but if he can hold things up playing in a deep role and pick out intelligent passes, then it does give the flare players a bit more freedom to support the forwards.

Surman has the ability to pick a pass and from further back it may be that he can see a better view of the game and where the opponents are out of position. But t is a change in usage for Surman and I wonder if he is already being slowly withdrawn from the main action.

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