Thursday, 12 April 2018

Is it a good time to play Liverpool?

Following Liverpool's second leg in the Champions League Quarter Final, the Reds should be feeling pretty good about themselves, but they'll want to finish at least third in the league which means Klopp will pick a strong side for the visit of Bournemouth. In some ways the match may be seen as a chance for more of their fans to celebrate the ties against Man City, but does that make it a bad time to play at Anfield?
Liverpool at Dean Court earlier this season.
Well Liverpool didn't play that well after the first leg against Man City when they drew with Everton, but Klopp made a lot of changes. Liverpool lost to Man Utd after their second game against FC Porto, but they battered West Ham after the first tie against FC Porto. So there is no regular pattern to what kind of performance Liverpool might put in against the Cherries on Saturday.

It may be more a case of what Bournemouth team turn up. The Cherries would pride a win at Anfield above most other wins and while fans might think Bournemouth are virtually safe the opportunity to get points against two of the best sides in the league in the next week is what AFCB strived so hard for to get into the Premier League. It might not be a good time to play Liverpool, but there might not be many good times anyway.

I only hope that Klopp does rest some of his main players to give them a bit of recovery time, but not all of them. If he plays too many from the Man City game it could work for Bournemouth as the emotion of getting through the tie may well have an affect when the players have to get up for the next match. It may simply be a question of whether Liverpool will be over confident and complacent. Klopp has to get his side down to earth very quickly or else AFCB could do it for him.

Liverpool Home Form

AFCB Away Form

The Anfield Index podcast interviewed Cherry Chimes ahead of the Liverpool v Bournemouth Match,

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  1. Regardless who they start it will be a tough task to beat them. Liverpool might be playing the best of anyone in Europe - I thought they were outstanding over the City tie. I would think points at home against United are more likely, and they are playing good as well. Don't see the Cherries making the point total from last year.