Saturday, 14 April 2018

Can switching off from league table help AFCB to overcome Liverpool?

Ryan Fraser made a point this week of saying that the team can kind of forget about the relegation battle in the next two games and try to enjoy the opportunity to play against Liverpool at Anfield. I'm kind of in agreement that the players need to enjoy the experience, but AFCB can still be caught, even if it is seeming unlikely, so the players approach to the game is as important as any.
Ryan Fraser wants to eclipse last season's points total.
Eddie Howe is perhaps less likely to talk table positions, but will be making it aware to AFCB's players that they are coming up against a very talented side that are capable of going toe-to-toe against the very best in Europe. So, AFCB are going to have to do something special to get a result at Anfield and that kind of anticipation can work for the group, knowing that they have been prepared to peak for this game and the next against Man Utd.

Playing against Liverpool is no longer a strange experience and more of a great occasion for the players to test themselves. It won't have gone unnoticed in the changing room chatter that AFCB have not beaten Liverpool at Anfield, and it is a rare event for any team to beat them in 2018 let alone at Anfield where only WBA of all teams managed it in the FA Cup - so there is hope for AFCB today. Forgetting about the relegation battle won't be hard when AFCB's players are trying to keep pace with Liverpool's star strikers. The Bournemouth players will want to play against the best Liverpool players, but they could find a few changes made in the Liverpool line up could also give them some confidence before kick off.

AFCB's players have to believe they have it in them though to cause a shock and to want to try and spoil Liverpool's great week. A win would make it a real celebration if AFCB get above 40 points. They can certainly then switch off any thinking about a relegation battle then. UTCIAD!

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