Wednesday, 16 May 2018

AFCB have to find a permanent home for striker

AFCB have seen Benik Afobe go out on loan and help Wolves progress to the Premier League, but the Bournemouth Echo understands that the midland's club have been given an ultimatum to make up their mind on the player before the end of May, if they want to buy him. There is no indication of what kind of fee AFCB would want. but the player has certainly indicated plenty of times that he wants to play his football at Molineux.
One striker up for sale.
AFCB of course would like to get Afobe off the wage bill as soon as possible so that they an reinvest the finds elsewhere, and while Wolves sold him for £10m to AFCB it is arguable that he hasn't added much value to that price-tag, even if he has played game sin the Premier League. While Afobe's wishes to stay at Wolves he could find the club are not willing to meet AFCB's valuation and I think that would leave Afobe in a difficult place.

Other Championship teams could well be interested if the price was right for them, but if Afobe wants to play in the Premier League he may find he does not get the option this summer to play there. He has kind of burnt his links with AFCB and I can't see him staying at the Cherries now, but AFCB may have to brig their valuation down by late July if he is still on their books.

Afobe's been a disappointing buy from an AFCB point of view and while he has found some form in the Championship, he is not a player that teams in the Premier are likely to be fighting to get hold of. Eddie Howe has been very loyal to Afobe when the fans have probably wanted him to go sooner, but this summer Afobe is one of the payers AFCB do have to find a new permanent home for. Offers will be welcome for sure.

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  1. I think this is the season where there will be a lot of outgoings with Grabban Afobe and Gradel going and its not beyond reason that Arter Pugh and Boruc may go...along with Daniels and Frances and Defoe..which will reduce the average age of the team and raise circa £25m or so.

    Lots of speculation about who will come in and its concerning that our possible targets are so well publicised in the press.

    I hope that one or two of the younger players can start to get some game season..its so difficult to bring these youngsters on.

    I suppose that the key holds are the manager Ake Cook..wouldn't it be great if Cook made the world cup squad..reminisces about Colin Clarke....