Thursday, 3 May 2018

Have Bournemouth run out of steam?

There is a section of the AFCB faithful who are becoming a little down about AFCB's chances of surviving another season at the top tier, even if as expected they survive this season. I guess you could say AFCB have run out of steam looking at the results of late and they may well have taken their foot of the gas, but one season is never the same as another and it's too early to be negative about AFCB next season when we don't even know what the team is likely to look like.
The Cherries found points hard to come by in April will May be any different?
Watching Bournemouth in games in April was not the ending of the season that we would have hoped for, but if the Cherries finish 17th or better does it really matter? Every manager likes to finish the season on a high with a good set of results, but come the first game in August I am not sure it counts for that much. Burnley didn't have a brilliant season last season but they have come up trumps in 2017/18. 

What I have been most surprised at of late is the performances away from home. Some times players have to roll their sleeves up and dig out a result and in the last few games we have not seen enough over 90 minutes to see AFCB even have much possibility of picking up three points. The team is not much changed though from when it was picking up wins over Stoke and WBA and I'd say many fans would look at those games and say AFCB were lucky to get three points in those games - I wouldn't disagree with that. So have AFCB been free wheeling for some time? 
For me, the last time I felt AFCB were playing with the fight to make me feel they were going to do everything they could to win was away at Leicester City. It didn't come off that day, even if it perhaps should have. But the players that day put their bodies on the line and did all they could to try and get that clean sheet. The goals of late that have been going in have been far too easy and I can only presume their is a lack of concentration and a bit of carelessness that has crept into AFCB's games. It's not something that is easily eradicated unless the players actually look at themselves and say this is not good enough and actually want to put in a performance that the fans will be proud of. They need to forget the league table and think what do they owe the fans after what has been delivered since AFCB got to 38 points? To end the season with two more defeats would make an awful lot of AFCB fans go away feeling pretty despondent about this season even if the team is safe.

Come on AFCB, it's well overdue that you put in a top performance.

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