Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Fraser came close to saving a point for the Cherries

Ryan Fraser still surprises me when he gets the bit between his teeth. He did not have a great game at Southampton for most of the match, but when he sees the possibility of scoring, there is something that ignites a fire in his foot and he unleashes a powerful shot.
Ryan Fraser has had a great season.
He might well have saved Bournemouth on another day, when he shot late on in the Southampton game. His shot was deflected which took pace off the ball, but also redirected it higher and closer to the top corner of the goal. Still, the slowing down of the ball gave McCarthy a better chance of pushing the ball away. I was almost directly in line with the shot and for a moment I thought Bournemouth were going to get away with a point again, but it was a fantastic save.

If it had gone in, we would have been feeling very different about things this week and most of the talk would have been about another Bournemouth comeback and lots of anger from Southampton fans at being so close to getting out of trouble. To be honest AFCB would not have deserved to get a point in the way that they played on the day and Southampton got the points they deserved on the day. 
What I was impressed with though was Ryan Fraser's calmness when the ball fell to him in that dying minute. He was prepared to have a go. If Eddie Howe can get Fraser to want the ball even more in similar positions I believe Ryan Fraser will become a much better player still. He is already such a major player for the team and to keep hold of him is just as important as making sure Josh King is not looking elsewhere this summer.

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