Friday, 25 May 2018

Baily - a product of AFCB goes his separate way

I was disappointed to hear that Ryan Allsop and Baily Cargill were among six players released by the Cherries. It may be a difficult task in itself to develop players to a good league standard, but bringing them through to the first team is starting to look an extremely problematic hurdle for AFCB, despite all the efforts to establish the club's youth players into Premier League players.
Baily Cargill is off to pastures new along with some of his AFCB colleagues.
Baily and Ryan were joined by Ollie Harfield, Sam Matthews, Patrick O'Flaherty and Joe Quigley. No doubt AFCB will say these players will have every chance of finding new employment in the lower leagues, and that AFCB had taken them as far as it could. But how good do you need to be at 21 or 22 to be kept on by a Premier League team? You have to be exceptional I'd say and while Jack Simpson has seen his career flourish at Dean Court, it must make him worry that he has very little time to try and break into the first team before he will also be moved on.

In the last decade it has become more difficult for players that have been trained from the youth teams to find their way into the first team. AFCB thus becomes a feeder club for lower league teams that want to pick up players that have been taught in the AFCB style of football, but releasing them for free may not seem a great business, but it does give these players a real education in the game with a good name behind them to move on. If the Cherries can use the vacancies to bring in even better talent then fans might not see it as such a waste, but we are yet to see enough players being developed to play in the first team.
Whether the new training facilities being built at Poole will change this we will have to wait and see. It surely has to be an aim for AFCB to keep players that have potential to reach the top and not simply release them. It is a business though that is becoming more ruthless I fear. I hope the released players do soon find good contracts and a future in the game.

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  1. We are the same as most other teams.....too much money involved to give youth a chance...Ake from an we do what other teams do and scout and hope to kiss a few frogs to turn them into premier princes..Lewis Cook for example