Friday, 24 May 2013

AFC Bournemouth - expect more squad trimming

With the announcement earlier this week that Jonathan Meades is no longer to be an AFCB player having spent most of his time out on loan at AFC Wimbledon and not even having made an appearance for the Cherries first team, it is clear that those who are not Championship material are likely to be ousted over the summer. Good luck to Jon who signed for Oxford Utd.

Looking at the squads in the Championship in the 2012/13 season most of them had playing squads of around 35 players or less. Only Wolves stood out with a massive squad of some 44 or more players on their books although only 35 were used.

AFCB still has a large number of players and Eddie Howe has to get the wage bill down if he wants to buy in quality, those surplus to requirements must be shed. Loan deals may offer an opportunity to some, but if Eddie feels they don't fit he has to show several players the door now. Last season we used 34 players but the squad was much bigger than this.

We have to remember that Eddie Howe inherited this squad and not all of the players were his choices, so I expect more players to be exiting stage right than will come in. But we were short of quality at times in defence last season when injuries hit and we won't be able to afford that luxury of being short on quality in the Championship.

These are just approximations, but of those who went up Cardiff used 29 players and Hull 34. Watford had 36 and Palace 36. Derby County used the smallest number of players at just 26.

It can of course be a risk to have a smaller squad with injuries but the wages should come down which is likely to be important for AFCB. I would of thought a squad or around 33 would be ample. This is the number of players Howe used in the 2010/11 season.The next problem is to make sure it is the right 33 players that we are left with.

Incidentally, Stephane Zubar's name was being talked about quite strongly last night with a possible move back to Plymouth Argyle suggested. That's one I could see happening even though I like Zubar and how he plays. He would still have to pass a fitness test though over the summer if he were to leave.


  1. It would not surprise me to see 5 or 6 more departing yet. Zubar certainly would appear to be one. I like him, but certainly don't seem him as Championship material, and that's the rub. All our squad could of muddled their way through a League 1 game, but The Championship is a totally different scenario. There's Demouge, who I haven't seen enough of him to make judgement. We've all been watching him banging in goals in the Dutch top league, as some say, he may simply not fit into the English game, shame, I thought originally he would be a heck of a signing. I'm not sure Purchy will sadly make it back to the team. Stockley?? does Eddie persevere with Jayden??, surely he's either going to be a part of the squad now or it's time to part company. Do we need FOUR keepers?? does this mean there is one leaving?? and I could continue. Many questions, every day that goes bye, is a day closer to knowing answers. See today Flint is going to Brizzle City for a reported £300k, CRAZY money, when you think of Cook and Elphick for a bit over that for the two!!!

  2. I think you are right about a few more going at the Cherries and it may be just one or two that come in by the sounds of things. There are not many transfers anywhere in the Championship yet though and I wonder if all the managerial changes are slowing things down.