Monday, 20 May 2013

What does Eddie Howe do with Wes Thomas?

Wesley Thomas has been on loan to Birmingham City since January. The striker made it plainly clear that he did not want to play for the Cherries any more, having had an earlier loan spell at Portsmouth and then Blackpool, following Michael Appleton's managerial career. His reward was to get the loan move to Birmingham City, but what if Birmingham now do not want his services for next season and are not willing to part with any cash for him?

The striker has always been wanted by Eddie Howe. While Wes' form stalled under Bradbury and became a veritable drought under Groves' management, Eddie has not really had the chance to work with the former Crawley striker. It is just possible that Wes has the talent to be a 20 goal a season man for the Cherries in the Championship. But would the fans accept him back? Could he get his head down at AFCB and make up?

No doubt Mr Thomas will be hoping that he gets another move in the summer if he can't win a place at Birmingham City. Wes scored 3 goals in the Championship for Blackpool in 9 appearances and 3 for Birmingham in 11 games. A one in three or four goal ratio in the Championship is reasonable. At Portsmouth, in League One, Wes scored 3 goals in 6 appearances. I just wonder if Eddie Howe will put an arm around Wes or if he feels his time is over at AFCB?

There are things to consider, like how Wes is playing and if he could play well with the other strikers we have.  To most supporters it may seem clear cut that they do not want Thomas to play for AFCB, but he is still AFCB's asset and if he is not sold or sent out on loan again he will be in and around the squad.

Wes Thomas is 26, has Championship experience and clearly wants to play at this level. There is something Eddie Howe has to get to the bottom of though. What was Wes' reason for turning down AFCB to play for him last season? Was it just that he needed a change of scenery to get his goal scoring going again?
Has his attitude changed about playing for the Cherries, because AFB are now in the Championship? Does he have the stomach to compete for a place? If he does come back to Bournemouth he will start on the bench you would feel, but who knows whether another club will come in for Grabban or Tubbs for example. 

Is the Wes Thomas question done and dusted? No I don't think so. We will hear more on him this summer. His future is by no means clear. Will Eddie Howe offer him a new start and bring him back into the fold? I wouldn't rule it out completely.

Other clubs that had been interested in Thomas at the time when he signed for Birmingham are said to be Derby County, Blackburn Rovers, Watford and Burnley. Of these, a move to Watford would be a win-win on all sides if Watford win promotion to the Premiership. However, would Howe be so keen to see Wes go out on loan to one of the rival championship teams next season?


  1. Perfect solution would be for him to be sold. How about Rotherham :)

  2. I pass by Wes Thomas's house every day on way to work. For Sale sign has been up for at least a month.

  3. Good god no! Sell him for as much as we can get for him!!

  4. I actually quite liked him, held the ball up well, & could score goals, his 2 goals for Birmingham towards end of season were top draw, held ball, up big and strong, don't know why he didn't want to fight for his place when Eddie gave him a chance.

  5. In my opinion I believe he has an 'attitude' problem that doesn't fit into our present Dressing Room setup

  6. He will disrupt dressing room say bye to him. Can get better players anyway

  7. He can do one