Friday, 31 May 2013

Pick your team's kit colour - whatever next?

I am looking forward to seeing what AFC Bournemouth has lined up for the new home and third kits tomorrow. We have been told that the home kit will be sort of retro but with some modern elements to it as well. While I am sure red and back will feature on the home kit the third kit could have any colour on it that you could think of. There are a few colours that I would not select like Yeovil's luminous green and I find grey kits very uninspiring.

Spare a thought for the Cardiff fans. Having had their kit changed to red from blue to match their Malaysian owner's preference to match up with his Southeast Asian national identity, they are now being allowed to choose the colour of their teams shorts.

It makes me think that the marketing people in charge of making such decisions just don't know what the fans want, and rather than get it wrong they can pass on their decision.

Let's hope that the Cherries new kits will serve the team well in the Championship. If the players like them and the new kit helps them win more matches, I guess I don't really mind what colours are chosen. Then again, if their are similarities with Southampton's kits I might just baulk at buying the new strip.

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