Friday, 31 May 2013

What do you hope to see on AFCB's official dvd of last season?

The club announced recently that there would be an official dvd of AFC Bournemouth's amazing promotion season to the Championship. I started to imagine what would be on this dvd and hope that there will be one or two moments where the players are seen in a light which they may not have been seen before. Like one of those documentaries when you see players in a relaxed mood, going about their day with a bit of banter or laughing and talking about events after the game or perhaps on the coach as they travel to a game.

Surely there will be scenes of Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall's news conference when they came back to the club and pictures when Eddie Mitchell was addressing the crowds on changing the manager after the home defeat to Walsall, last September. We may also see shots of the training ground opening with Harry Redknapp or the revealing of the Cherry Brick Road.

No doubt some coverage of the awards for best Family club and Matt Ricthies' NPower League One player of the year award should be celebrated. We'll also never forget Super Fletch's Brussels sprouts and special moments that we have come to love like Super Fletch taking to the pitch and Tommy Elphick's personal homages to the goal post before every match kicked off.

And what of the matches? There are so many memorable games. The three derby meetings with Pompey, the fabulous unbeaten run and the FA Cup games against Wigan Athletic. I hope the club can get the mixture of emotions from fans and players as the season developed because there were some lows and some massive highs. I expect there to be a lot of footage of the Carlisle home game when promotion was clinched and plenty of inflatable pictures from Tranmere. But the most amazing scenes were probably those open bus tour celebrations in Bournemouth Square.

I think the dvd will be a piece of history that most AFCB fans will love to own. The front cover will be a difficult choice but the whole team's photo on the pitch after the Carlisle game is going to take some beating. What moment do you most want to see on the dvd from last season?

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  1. Brian Churchill31 May 2013 at 08:30

    Us beating Tranmere 1-0 and winning the league