Saturday, 25 May 2013

One that got away - Lyle Taylor

To some extent it did not surprise me that former Cherries player Lyle Taylor managed to have a sensational season for Falkirk in Scottish League Division One. He scored 29 goals in total, 24 of which were in the league making him the second highest scorer in the division. This gave him a place in the PFA's Scottish League One Team of the Year, announced yesterday.

It doesn't half make you wonder, did someone make a mistake in letting him go to early at AFCB? Lyle was bought by Eddie Howe and AFCB in 2010 when he played for Concord Rangers in the Isthmian League One as a 20 year old. I don't think many of our supporters knew that the Essex club existed before Lyle appeared on the scene. He had a great record for Concord Rangers (The Beach Boys) scoring 34 goals in 42 games.

Now Lyle is 23 years old and looks set for the big time, although he struggled to make his mark when he played in Red & Black. He always had startling pace and was a handful for slow centre backs, but it's his finishing prowess has made him quite a star north of the border. Was a sell on clause in his contract when he signed for Falkirk? No, it seems it was a free transfer!

This goes to show that while a player may not suit a manager or a team at one time they can go on to prove themselves more than capable somewhere else. Like many AFCB supporters I suspect, I am only too pleased that Lyle has done well as he always put in 100 per cent whenever I saw him on the pitch at Dean Court. It was just that he never got a good run in the team and was then sent out to Lewis, Woking and Hereford Utd on loan at the end. Did Lyle just need another year to bed in with us or did we simply not have the time to wait? Sadly, clubs have to make decisions to let players go even if they feel the player will succeed and for Lyle it has done wonders for his career to make that move. 

Now what is the betting that Charlie Sherringham might do something similar? I see AFC Wimbledon are considering a move for the Dartford FC front man.

Sadly we haven't all got a crystal ball and some fish do slip through the net, even when they have been landed.

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