Thursday, 2 May 2013

Steve Fletcher: has he another season in him?

Does sentiment have a place in football? I ask the question because AFCB are currently discussing a new contract with our Super hero Mr Steve Fletcher for next season. Steve will be 41 in July, but what he may now lack in his legs he makes up for in his knowledge and his enthusiasm for the game. As long as Eddie Howe believes that Steve has the ability to perform at Championship level he will be considered. But it has to be a decision based on ability not sentiment.

Steve salutes the crowd after AFCB secure promotion
to the Championship with a 3:1 win against Carlsile Utd

I feel it is vital that Steve stays at the club in some form or another but should he continue to be wheeled out for the last five minutes of a few games? Steve turned out 12 times for AFCB last season and he provided an assist, the knock on for Matt Tubbs against Doncaster at home. 

But some may ask whether AFCB should be investing in new talent to replace the big man on the field? It's an awkward question and one that can only be answered by Steve Fletcher, Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall. All I will say is that Frank Demogue was brought in to be a big centre forward and only made two appearances for AFCB last season.

Stephen Purches' testimonial against West Ham in the summer could provide at least another appearance for Super Fletch. Most of us fans never want to admit that Super Fletch could have played his last game. The cheer that he received when he came on to the pitch at the Tranmere away game just shows how closely we all hold him in our hearts. 

He has a habit of always saying the right thing as well. The emotion he gave out in that interview after the Tranmere match is the kind of reason why he is so loved. I don't know of a better servant to our club or any other and it is great that his achievements have been honoured with his own stand at Dean Court.

However, what of the future? Is it a coaching role only for Steve next season or will he pound the training pitches for another summer, ready to take on the big names in the Championship? Part of me would dearly love to see him score again at Dean Court, because I think the crowd would go mental. I want to see the North Stand bouncing. We also know how much Steve wants to play in the Championship.

However, for that to happen he needs a new contract and some playing time. The Championship is a step up and it just may have come too late for Super. There won't be many summer announcements from the club that will be bigger than hearing Super has a new contract or has decided to retire. 


  1. He should be given a game by game contract so he could have one last run out for 15mins at home to say I played In championship.

    Also he should then be groomed by EH and JT to become the next afcb manager, as there might be a time we lose EH again!!!!

  2. I agree that he should be given the opportunity to play a few minutes in the championship, in front of the home crowd. He may not be 'good enough' for that league, but he deserves some kind or reward for sticking with us for so long.
    He can then take on a coaching/ PR role in the club, which is something that he appears to have already started doing this season, taking warm ups etc.

  3. (@bigfatolly)3 May 2013 at 08:43

    Player coach working with development squad for me ....(@bigfatolly)

  4. All Departments3 May 2013 at 08:44

    Always the heart with Fletcher - like the ravens in the Tower of London, he cannot be allowed to leave the Court :-)